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Canadian Amateur Hockey League, 1904

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In 1904, the Canadian Amateur Hockey League played its sixth season, having replaced the AHAC as the premier hockey league in 1899. This was created following a conflict within the AHAC, leading for the first Hockey Schism.

The CAHL was started by the top division teams from the AHAC, . The Montreal Hockey Club, Montreal Shamrocks, Montreal Victorias, Quebec Hockey Club, and the Ottawa Hockey Club participated in a balanced, round-robin league schedule.

The sixth season played in 1904 (played from January 2 to February 24) saw The Quebec Hockey Club win the Championship. following a two game, total-goals play off with the Montreal Victorias. 1904 was the twelfth year that the Dominion Challenge Cup was awarded. The Quebec Hockey Club issued no challenges as the Ottawa Hockey Club left the CAHL partway through the season, taking their champion status with them. This resulted in a dispute. Quebec believed it was entitled to be crowned Cup Champion by virtue of their regular season win but the Cup trustees disagreed with them.

IceHockeyLeagues.com Premier-League Championship Points span to 1883-1904
Team # of Championships Premier Championship Points
Montreal Hockey Club 10 (1885-86, 88-94, 1902) 34
Montreal Victorias 5 (1884, 95-98) 20
Montreal Shamrocks 2 (1899-1900) 8
Ottawa Hockey Club 2 (1901, 03) 8
Montreal Crystals 1 (1887) 4
Quebec Hockey Club 1 (1904) 4 (+4)
McGill University 1 (1883) 2

The CAHL was the second premier Ice Hockey league, formed by four Quebec-based teams plus Ottawa. These five teams all played in the MWC Tournament and AHAC so that tournament and league are the direct predecessors to the CAHL for historical and statistical purposes.

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