Chapter 1 (1883 to 1905)

Welcome to Chapter 1 of This series of blog posts covers the first era of organized, elite hockey.

Here is a list of the future chapters:

Chapter 1:  Carnivals, Challenges, and Cups
1883-1905 (23 years)

Chapter 2: Competition, Rivals, and Dominance
1906-1926 (21 years)

Chapter 3: Expansion, Contraction, and Stagnation
1927-1966 (40 years)

Chapter 4: Competition, Dynasties, and Gluttony
1967-1994 (28 years)

Chapter 5: Big Business, Growth, and Agony
1995-now (22 years)

The focus will initially be on North American hockey leagues but will eventually expand to include Europe and world competitions.