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Montreal Crystals

The Montreal Crystals was a hockey club that played for the first decade of premier league hockey. In 1887 they were the first team to win the AHAC championship but had the unfortunate distinction of winning it despite having a poor record by virtue of winning the final challenge game. This created enough controversy that the AHAC instituted in 1888 a round-robin season.

The Crystals went on a identity crisis during the later years, adopting the monikers (Domions and Crescents) before returning back to the Crystals. The club and team then folded and the best pieces would be picked up by the Montreal Shamrocks in 1895.



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Al Young
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  1. Hi Al,
    I’m a member of the SIHR.
    Please tell me the reference you have for this Crystals logo. Is it a real thing or just your own creation

    1. Hi Danny,
      It is my own creation. I tried to mimic the typeset of the era. I did the same for a few other teams where there was no official logo.
      Regards, Al

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