Year 1896


It is a new decade of organized sports leagues in North America. While In the United States we see Baseball have a number of different leagues including the National League of Professional Base Ball Clubs (NL) in play, across the border in Canada, we see Ice Hockey making its mark. The first Elite League established outside of Baseball, the Amateur Hockey Association of Canada (AHAC) returns for another season of play.

The Governor General of Canada, Lord Stanley of Preston donated a championship bowl in 1893 (131 years ago) for the top Hockey team to play for in the Dominion of Canada. The Dominion Hockey Challenge Cup (DHCC), returns for another season on play. The bowl was purchased for ten guineas and became a symbol of Hockey supremacy that carries on to the current day.

The first ever Hockey League in the United States was formed in the industrial heartland. The Western Pennsylvania Hockey League (WPHL) is formed, expanding Hockey past its Canadian birth country.

New Leagues

The Western Pennsylvania Hockey League (WPHL) is formed 128 years ago.

Leagues in Operation

Year 10 of play in the Amateur Hockey Association of Canada (AHAC) took place 128 years ago.

Year 4 of play for the Dominion Hockey Challenge Cup (DHCC) took place 128 years ago.

Year 1 of play for the Western Pennsylvania Hockey League (WPHL) took place 128 years ago.

Leagues that Folded


League Champions and Other Events

Hockey League Champions in 1896