Montreal Winter Carnival Hockey Tournament in 1886 (Cancelled)


In 1883, the Montreal Amateur Athletic Association (MAAA) and McGill University were both asked to participate in the Montreal Winter Carnival by organizing for the first time ever an ice hockey tournament. The MAAA did not field a team, but McGill University fielded its own team, and two more teams were invited to play in a three-team tournament. This was the humble beginning of the Montreal Winter Carnival Hockey Tournament (MWCHT).

Montreal Winter Carnival ‘Logo’

In 1886, the Montreal Winter Carnival and its Hockey Tournament had to be cancelled. A smallpox epidemic was affecting Montreal particularly hard so an invitation to participate in a tournament played outside of Montreal was accepted. For the purpose of records, considers MWCHT to still be in existence but did not play an official season, instead playing in a temporary location for 1886.

The Montreal Hockey Club and Montreal Crystals accepted the invitation to participate in the first-ever international hockey tournament held in Burlington, Vermont. The Burlington Winter Carnival Tournament was played on February 26 at Lake Champlain. The two Canadian teams and an American team made up of local hospitality staff (Van Ness House) who had never played hockey held a round-robin tournament that resulted in the Montreal Hockey Club winning.

The MWCHT would play almost every year starting in 1883 until 1889 when its member teams decided it was better to focus play on the Amateur Hockey Association of Canada (AHAC) which it created in 1887.

Season Length

The MWCHT had to cancel its season.

But the unofficial substituted tournament took place February 26, 1886.

Season Champion

No winner as the MWCHT had to cancel its season.

But the unofficial substituted tournament was won by Montreal Hockey Club.

# of Teams

No teams played as the MWCHT had to cancel its season.

But a total of 3 teams played in the unofficial substituted tournament.

Season Standings (Cancelled)

Season Playoffs

There was no season played.

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